It is nothing new that we are faced with a change in the consumption of food and the purchasing habits of these, more and more people are worried about knowing what we are eating and how this consumption influences our body and also on the planet and the society in which we live.

To put it in some way, we are becoming much more demanding (with all the right in the world!) And we look for information in books, videos, tutorials, blogs and every time we want to have more information and we are worried about that information because in a good part of society there is a real desire to take care of ourselves and to take care of our closest people.

This concern is transferred to the most precious thing we have in the world … to our children and is that more and more parents and mothers are aware that they want for their children a healthy, nutritious and quality food, free of external chemical agents that do not they add no value to these foods.

This behavior of ecological child consumption (in large part thanks to the concern of parents) has incredibly positive effects both in the short term and in the long term and both at a particular level (for the family that decides to take the step) and at a general level ( for our planet, animals, etc.). We are going to see some of these effects:

1. Healthier eating: Our children eat much healthier, better tasting foods that provide better nutrients than conventional.
2. They clearly identify the food Bio: They know how to differentiate organic foods from conventional ones and they are clear that the former are more beneficial.
3. Ecological Awareness and routine in its consumption: The daily feeding of organic food is something normal and routine, the conventional product goes into the background.
4. The local producer is rewarded: Organic Foods of proximity, consuming products of our land avoiding intermediaries.
5. A better future is created: This habit will be enjoyed by our children in the future and will educate future generations in this way.
6. We take care of our planet: The production processes of organic food are much less harmful to our planet than those of the conventional ones because of the way in which the latter are manufactured.
7. We take care of animals: animals are not required or manipulated to achieve greater production, organic production allows the animal to grow in adequate conditions and without stress.

There are people who think that organic food is a fad but we are convinced that this is not the case. Currently there are many families who are making important efforts to shape their lifestyle by joining physical exercise with a healthier diet that avoids diseases or cases of obesity (children too) and go for it to associations of organic consumption, specialty stores, stores BIO , Ecological corner of supermarkets, online stores, etc looking for guarantee products that offer a quality food.

From Yerbal we look forward to the future with the firm conviction that it is everyone’s job to raise awareness and educate our society in values ​​and actions that protect our planet and the people that inhabit it, and … what better way to do it than to do it? Inculcating these ideas in the little ones? They are the future!

We want to know your opinion, are you a supporter of feeding your kids food from organic farming? Would you like to be able to give them that kind of food, but do you consider it expensive and inaccessible? Tell us your experience in the comments on our social networks (Facebook and Instagram) or our email