Learn how to prepare Genmai-cha with Yerbal Green Tea

Learn how to prepare Genmai-cha with Yerbal Green Tea

Do you know the Genmai-cha?

The Genmai-cha is a type of tea that has the particularity of mixed with brown rice toasted on a base of Green Tea (which is Yerbal of course 😀)

This tea can be taken regularly, being able to consume both children, pregnant women or elderly people, having a certainly pleasant taste. You also combine the properties of green tea with those of brown rice, being a really ideal alternative to consume tea frequently.

We show you how to do it:

Ingredients (for half a liter of tea):
1/2 liter of water
1 tablespoon of brown rice
1 tablespoon green tea Yerbal

– In a saucepan over medium-low heat, toast the raw brown rice, stirring constantly, until it begins to toast, without letting it burn.
– As soon as it starts to brown, pour the water and rise to medium heat, but do not let the water boil.
– Add the green tea and let it infuse for 2-3 minutes.
– Remove the saucepan from the fire and strain the tea with a sieve before serving. Sweeten to taste if desired.

Author recipe: Sara from www.avenayaguacate.com