Shipping, returns and payment methods

Shipping information

How much do shipping costs cost me?

Orders to be served within the peninsula (Spain and Portugal) whose amount exceeds 30 euros (VAT not included) will be exempt from shipping costs. In the event that the amount is less than this amount, the shipping costs will be 6 euros for orders to be served within the Iberian Peninsula.

For orders in the Balearic Islands, shipping costs will be 9 euros for orders less than 50 euros (VAT not included). If the order amount exceeds 50 euros (VAT not included), they will be exempt from shipping costs.

For the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, orders will be made by Correos and will carry a shipping cost of 9 euros.

Do you ship outside of Spain?

We currently ship to Spain (the entire national territory) and Portugal. For the rest of the countries, check prices by phone or email, as they will depend on the type of order and the shipping method.

What is the delivery time for an order?

Orders will be sent through an express courier service, except for orders to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, which will be sent through the Post Office. Delivery times will be 24 to 48 hours, except for orders placed on weekends or holidays, in which case they will leave on the nearest working day.

In the case of orders of several products, a single shipment will be made when all the material is available, except in the case that the client expressly indicates otherwise.

For those products that are not in stock, the customer will be provided by email with the approximate delivery period that the manufacturer or supplier has communicated to us and will be kept informed of any variation that may arise from said period.

All shipments made to the Balearic Islands, the delivery time will be 48 hours.

I want to send an order to a different address than my customer data, is it possible?

There is no problem. During the purchase process, you will be asked for the shipping data, which by default is the one you indicated in your customer file, but you can modify them in each order you make if you wish.

Return policy

If I buy something that I am not satisfied with, can I return it?

In the event that the shipment does not arrive in perfect condition or that there has been an error on the part of Yerbal, the client will have the right to request that the product be sent back to him at no additional cost on his part or that the total amount of the purchase including shipping costs, once the product has been returned to our facilities and the incidence has been verified. The term of said return will be 14 calendar days.

In the event that the shipment has suffered damage during transport, the customer must notify Yerbal of this situation within 48 hours of receipt. In this case, Yerbal will initiate the claim procedure with the transport company to replace the damaged merchandise at no additional charge to the customer.

Manufacturing defects or product malfunctions are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. However, Yerbal will facilitate and accelerate as far as possible the processing of said guarantee and in most cases, it will proceed to replace them without having to wait for a response from the manufacturer or supplier. No returns will be made of unsealed products, unless they have a factory defect, or of organic food products.

Payment Methods

Credit card

It is the simplest and most comfortable way to place your orders. Visa and Mastercard are accepted. This method of payment has no cost for your purchases.


It is another totally safe form of payment to pay with your credit card, but with a commission of 3% of the total amount of the order, added to the shipping costs if they are charged. With more than 100 million accounts, PayPal helps you pay with money safely, easily and quickly. With this payment method you can send funds without sharing your financial information with the seller and fully protecting you against unauthorized payments from your account. Also through PayPal you can make your payments faster than in the previous methods. If you need more information, please consult the PayPal website.

Credit card security

The entire payment procedure will be carried out through the virtual POS of our bank, all through a secure server with powerful technology (SSL secure connection) to protect your data, so that it is inaccessible to third parties (including ourselves, we only receive the validity or not from the bank). You will be able to identify the secure connection because the browser address begins with https: // and not http: //, as is normal.

In addition, a small padlock will appear at the bottom of your browser, or next to the address, indicating that the connection is secure.