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Masala Oceania: Mix of organic spices made by Yerbal, which contains the following ingredients:

Garlic, Green Anise, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Laurel, Marjoram, Mustard, Sage and Thyme. * May contain traces of celery and sesame.

USES: Meat, fish, stews and vegetables.

Masala ideal to bring to the dishes that different flavor that we all look for when making our recipes. From Yerbal we offer you some examples:

– Pasta or salads: This Masala is ideal to accompany pasta and summer dishes thanks to its fresh, laminated, chopped or crushed leaves that aromatize this type of recipes. An example can be a tomato salad, baked vegetables and sautéed pasta, all enhanced with the Masala Oceania.

– Desserts: Thanks to its contribution of clove and cinnamon is an excellent Masala to make a bread of spices, also for cookies thanks to the contribution of anise and ginger.

– White fish: Ideal for grilled white fish with an onion base and a touch of Masala Oceania, thanks to the touch of cinnamon, ginger and other ingredients you will not need anything else to enjoy a delicious and healthy fish.

– Sauces: Ideal to make sauces with a good base of coconut milk, adding the masala and stirring it until you acquire the desired tone and flavor.